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The Good Medicine Clinic

Dr Fiona Gordon


Fiona loves her job and thinks of it as a joy and a privilege. She enjoys seeing a huge variety of patients of all ages, cultures, genders and sexualities. She tries to approach each consultation with kindness, non judgement and an open mind, but accepts that she is totally fallible. Appreciates laughter in the consultation room, but also accepting of a good cry as life can be ridiculously tough sometimes.


Believes in vegetables and regular exercise. Endlessly tries to convince people cabbage and a walk round the block are almost always more valuable than medication.


Enjoys swapping reading and music recommendations with patients. Loves a good story.


Nicola Gee

Registered Nurse

I am very happy to have joined this unique and special clinic where the focus on offering quality care and support, and also importantly, the time in which to do this.

It is wonderful to be working with Fiona and Trish again, after being overseas for a good few years where I was working as a practice nurse in London.

In my spare time, I dabble in yoga, piano, beach walks and a spot of gardening (mainly weeding!)


Nicola photo.jpg

Trish Lodge 

Registered Nurse 

With many years working as a nurse alongside  Dr Fiona Gordon and previously Dr Vicki Macfarlane, it is a real pleasure to be working together again as a team. With another nurse and a receptionist with a similar desire to help and provide medicine with humanity, we aim for the personal, individualized approach.

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