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The Good Medicine Clinic

What does not for profit mean? 


 What do we mean when we say we are a ‘not for profit’ clinic?


Obviously we are a business charging fees , paying staff and running costs. However any surplus that is generated beyond these cost is not distributed to those who own or control the clinic. Instead this surplus is used to help pursue the goals of The Good Medicine Clinic.


We are a purpose driven organisation that is trading in order to deliver improved healthcare, access and support for all in the community.

Surplus profit is used to further these goals. Any donations given are used directly for the benefit of the community.

Our company manifesto lays out our purpose.


Manifesto for The Good Medicine Clinic

The Good Medicine Clinic is a company providing primary healthcare services that are accessible to all in the community.

It aims to acknowledge inequity in health and to attempt to directly address this in the community it is located in by using the business to benefit those with greater health needs, whether these be due to social, financial or other health access issues.

Furthermore it invites the people who use its services to contribute to the overall health of their community by any means they are able - including financial donation, goods and services or personal effort.

All profit that is surplus after running costs is intended to be gifted directly back to groups working for the betterment of health in the community.

The company may also use its business derived income to directly pay for healthcare needs of the patients enrolled in the Clinic where they might otherwise forgo necessary care.

The company recognises the importance of a healthy, caring and respectful environment for its employees.

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