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The Good Medicine Clinic

Hours. Appointments. Fees. 

We are open 8:30am - 5pm weekday. 

Consultation times -                     Doctor:   8:40am - 12 noon.       2pm - 5pm.

                                                            Nurse:     9am - 11am.                    2pm - 4:30pm

                                                            Urgent appointments available on the day. 

Adult consultations are approximately 20 minutes. 

Please call us to book a appointment.

Portal and phone communications offered where appropriate and patient does not need to attend in person.

Portal communications are triaged daily and able to be viewed by all clinical staff on duty.

Portal and phone communications may be charged as a consultation depending on the work involved. 

Repeat prescription requests can be left in the same manner and will be filled in 24 hours. Same day prescription requests will incur a $25.00 fee.

Please contact us before your appointment if you cannot pay on the day. We will discuss this and work out a suitable payment plan.

Fee Structure:

Lower(Community Services Card/Higher health needs)

Adult.                  14 - 18.                 Under 14.                 ACC.                  Prescription.        

$19                     $13 -                    Free                          $15 -                 $19 -

Casual/non resident $75.00 

Cervical Smear (unfunded) $40.00

ECG $40.00

Referral letters and forms $30.00


Adult.                 14 - 17.                  Under 14.                  ACC.                  Prescription.

$52 -                 $20 -                      Free                           $30 -               $19 - 

Casual/non resident $75 - 

Cervical Smear (unfunded) $40.00

ECG $40.00

Referral letters and forms $30.00

Possible fee for extra services at time of consult such as complex dressings.

Planned services, such as minor surgery discussed individually.

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