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The Good Medicine Clinic

About our clinic

Welcome to our medical clinic!

This clinic came about from a desire to provide a certain style of primary care to the community that we feel is somewhat lost in the current trend towards faster, busier and less personalised

Doctors Fiona Gordon,  Doug Winter and nurses Ryan Sunde, Trish Lodge and Nicola Gee have many years of experience and have loved working together in the past. We share a strong desire to practice at a very high standard of medicine and to do so with a great deal of kindness, warmth, humour and love.

In our daily lives, we all experience the consequences of inadequate healthcare at a community level. We believe that good community healthcare is a shared responsibility. We are providing a clinic where people feel welcomed and cared for themselves while directly participating in allowing access to good healthcare for all.

We live in an area of Auckland with an amazing diversity of people. We celebrate this diversity and our clinic will offer the same standard of care to every patient.

We look forward to welcoming everyone in providing medicine for good and becoming our own community within a community.

Health can be so much more than a visit to your Doctor!

Doctors Fiona and Vicki and nurses Helen
and Trish warmly welcome you on board!

Beautiful images on this page courtesy of
Mr Michael Leunig - with grateful thanks.

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