The Good Medicine Clinic

Fiona's existing patients 

Hello! Here I am.

After many years of working at Grey Lynn Family Medical Centre,

I have left to begin my own medical clinic.

I have a vision of how I would like it to be and those of you who

have shared your lives and health with me will know I am not

designed for ‘big box’ medicine. I like the consultation to be

satisfying, careful and enjoyable for all in the room.

The new clinic is located in the happy, welcoming environment of

The Grey Lynn Community Centre at 510 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn.

You are very welcome to join us.


We are a small clinic - just myself, Nurse Trish Lodge who is

well known to all of you already, kind nurse Nicola Gee, Douglas 

Winter and Dr Frances Moon who used to work with me some

years ago and is a wonderful and highly skilled GP.

Our aim is to provide high quality, personalised care with kindness

and respect for all in the community and we invite everyone who wishes to have the opportunity to participate in our vision of what really good community healthcare is to join us.

We are a clinic for good and our fee structure is in two tiers. This is to allow access for those on lower incomes along with those who have higher health needs at a government level. For some of you, the fee will be less than what you have been paying and for others, it is more. I have tried to attach the funding to the need of the person, rather than the Practice.

If you do not qualify for the lower fee and feel you might struggle to pay the increased one, I am open to discussion about this. The idea is for all of us to care about good healthcare access for all in the community. 

The books are currently closed as we have as many patients as we can comfortably see - for now, we won't be taking new patients unless they are a family member of existing patients, if you'd like to enrol a family member please get in touch.

Being a GP is an absolute privilege and joy for me and the opportunity to work with Frances, Doug, Trish and Nicola in this way is awesome.


It will be great to see you in the new clinic. 

Stay healthy meantime!

Kindest regards